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Our Team

Our Team's Expertise Drives Our Success

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

Comprised of professionals with specialised knowledge in all aspects of immigration, We have successfully handled challenging cases beyond the scope of our services.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and our team works to ensure that all clients concerns are promptly addressed and resolved.

Through our years of experience in the industry, we have come to understand the significant impact that immigration status can have on an individual’s life.

The immigration industry is plagued by a lack of regulation, leaving room for unethical business practices by organisations with questionable ethics. To combat this, our founders, Elieen and Jocelyn, envisioned a business that operates with integrity and transparency. They were inspired by the numerous cases of clients who had been misled or overcharged for subpar services and sought to provide a better solution. This vision led to the creation of Singapore Trace Immigration (SGTI).

Team Members

Meet Our Team

A complete guidance that you won’t find anywhere else! More Than 16 Years Of Combined Experience In This Field

Elieen Leow


Elieen has more than 9 years of experience in the global immigration industry. She provides excellent support to clients applying for Singapore Permanent Residency, Citizenship, Company Formation and Global Investor Program (GIP).

Her multilingual ability and her excellent interpersonal skills make it easy for her to connect with clients from different backgrounds and make them feel at ease. Her portfolio comprises of satisfied clients in diverse range of industries, including both white-collar and blue-collar positions.

Before entering the immigration industry, she worked in the banking and finance sector as an account manager where she worked for four years. She managed corporate accounts for bank needs and served C-level clients such as CEOs, CFOs and management teams. She emphasis on delivering value to clients led her to pursue the immigration industry, and over the years, she had amassed a meticulous understanding of the market.

In order to improve her clients’ profiles and ensure an effective representation before the ICA, she will meticulously assesses each case and offers suggestions that are specifically designed to improve her clients’ profiles.

Jocelyn Sua


Jocelyn has years of experience in Singapore’s inbound immigration policy with a wealth of knowledge in applications for Permanent Residence, Singapore Citizenship, business incorporation, and corporate work passes. She has a proven track record of providing advice and support to clients from diverse nationalities and industries, helping them navigate their immigration journey with ease.

By taking a personalised approach, she assesses each client’s unique profile to determine the best course of action for their applications. With her extensive expertise in immigration matters, she ensures that the application process is smooth and efficient.

In addition to standard immigration advice, Jocelyn offers a comprehensive strategy and plan to address all of her clients’ immigration-related concerns. With 10 years of experience in client relations, she has a strong understanding of working with people from different backgrounds and is skilled at identifying each client’s objectives.

Her passion for immigration work stems from her belief that it can have a positive impact on families and their bonds. Jocelyn holds firm to the principle that an immigration firm should offer a wide range of services with a methodical approach to understand each client’s needs and requirements. Her commitment to this philosophy sets her apart and enables her to provide the best possible quality service to her clients.