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The Value of Keeping Your Profile Updated for Singapore PR and Citizenship

When it comes to submitting your Singapore PR or Citizenship application, it is crucial to keep the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) informed about any profile changes that occur during the processing period as notifying the ICA about important changes can have a positive impact and significant weight in your application. By promptly notifying the ICA, you provide them with an updated and accurate representation of your circumstances, enabling a more comprehensive review of your application.


Understanding Profile Changes that Require Updates

After submitting your PR or Citizenship application, there are specific profile changes that necessitate informing the ICA. These updates include:

1. Change of address

If you have recently relocated to a new residential address, you will need the letter proof to show your changed address. 

2. Passport renewal

If you have renewed your passport, you will need to scan the full page of your passport biometric page.

3. Salary increment and promotion

If you have experienced a salary increment or received a job promotion, you will need the salary increment or promotion letter.

4. Change of job

If you have switched employers or obtained a new job, you will need the letter of employment. 

5. Change of marital status

Whether it is due to marriage, divorce, or any other change in marital status, you will need the relevant certificate.

6. New addition of family member

If you have welcomed a new family member through birth or adoption, you will need the birth certificate/adoption certificate and passport.  

7. Newly attained qualification

If you have recently achieved a higher qualification, such as obtaining a master’s degree after previously holding a bachelor’s degree, you will need the master degree certificate and transcript if applicable. 

While the ICA requires you to notify them about the aforementioned profile changes, it is important to note that there are certain updates recommended to be completed before submitting your PR or Citizenship application. These updates include:

    • Purchasing additional insurance or investments 

Although it is not mandatory to submit details of these financial assets to the ICA, it is advisable to explore these options as they showcase your long-term commitment to Singapore.

    • Newly attained professional certifications

Enhancing and upgrading your skillsets through professional certifications demonstrates your continuous self-improvement

    • Donations and volunteer work records

Involvement in social causes, such as donations and volunteer work, showcases your integration into Singapore society and contribution to the community.


How to Update ICA?

The method of updating the ICA depends on the specific changes you need to communicate. Some updates may require you to utilise the ICA portal, while others may necessitate email correspondence. It is crucial to prepare a formal letter of request and attach supporting documents relevant to the updates you are submitting, such as proof of address change, employment letters, or educational certificates.

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