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Singapore Citizenship Journey: A Guide for New Citizens

Are you a newly approved Singapore citizen? Congratulations! To complete your transition and fully embrace your new status, you are required to undertake the Singapore Citizenship Journey. This comprehensive process is designed to enrich your understanding of Singapore’s culture, values, and history, enabling you to integrate seamlessly into your new home. Let’s delve into the five key components of this transformative journey.



1. Singapore Citizenship e-Journey

Image Source: Singapore Journey

The Singapore Citizenship e-Journey is an online exploration that familiarises new citizens with Singapore’s rich history, political landscape, geography, and efforts towards a cohesive society. Divided into four chapters, this interactive journey also covers key national policies and the concept of Total Defence. Through engaging videos and informative content, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of Singapore’s development and its values.

2. Singapore Experiential Tour (SET)

Image Source: Singapore Discovery Centre

The Singapore Experiential Tour offers an immersive experience for new citizens by physically visiting significant historical landmarks and national institutions. This half-day tour provides a firsthand perspective on Singapore’s journey, showcasing how the nation has triumphed over various challenges in areas such as transportation, resources, water management, and defence. By witnessing these achievements, participants deepen their appreciation for Singapore’s progress and resilience.

3. Community Sharing Session (CSS)

Image Source: The Independent News & Media

The Community Sharing Session is an invaluable opportunity for new citizens to connect with their fellow residents, Grassroots Leaders (GRLs), and Integration & Naturalization Champions (INCs) from the People’s Association. During this session, participants engage in meaningful discussions, reflecting on their individual journeys towards citizenship. They also share their hopes and aspirations for Singapore, while GRLs and INCs provide insights and advice for settling into the community. This interactive session fosters a sense of belonging and offers practical guidance for integrating into Singapore society.

4. Final Stage Approval

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Upon completion of the Singapore Citizenship Journey, participants will receive an email from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) with an update on their citizenship application status. To view the final stage approval letter, participants can log in to the ICA portal. This letter will include an appointment date for reporting to the ICA to register for Singapore citizenship and take the Oath of Renunciation. It is crucial to prepare a photocopy of the renunciation letter before attending the appointment.

5. Citizenship Ceremony

Image Source: Denise Phua

The culmination of the Singapore Citizenship Journey is the Citizenship Ceremony, where new citizens are officially registered and receive their Singapore National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) and the Singapore citizenship certificate. With these documents, they gain access to the rights and benefits of Singapore citizenship, including visa-free travel, healthcare subsidies, and housing priority.

How to complete your Singapore Citizenship Journey? Speak to us today!

To maximise your chances of a smooth and successful journey to Singapore citizenship, it is highly recommended to seek guidance from professional Singapore immigration consultants. These experts possess the knowledge and experience to provide personalised assistance that will enhance your chances of approval and ensure a hassle-free transition into your new life as a Singaporean.

As you embark on the Singapore Citizenship Journey, which includes completing the Singapore Citizenship e-Journey, participating in the Singapore Experiential Tour, and engaging in the Community Sharing Session, you will gain a profound understanding of Singapore’s history, culture, and community spirit. These components will enrich your integration into Singapore society. The final stage approval and the subsequent Citizenship Ceremony mark the official recognition of your integration as a proud Singapore citizen. Embrace this exciting chapter in your life with enthusiasm, as you embark on a new journey as a proud Singapore citizen.